Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday Night Lights

We recently attended a high school game under the lights a few Fridays ago. The atmosphere was outstanding. There were over 500 fans, barbecue pits were blazing, popcorn popping and seeds being spit. The largest contingent were the students...something you don't always see at a 3:30 start time afternoon baseball contest. It was the social event of the night with boys and girls from the entire area there to meet, socialize and watch some good ball.

Is High School ball missing out by not playing night games more often? The host school made some good money charging at the door and with their food concessions. In fact, they may have made more money than their basketball or even football teams this particular night. I heard many students after the game proclaim, "We have to come to more games...This was a blast." Yes it was.

Now there are more than a good number of schools that don't have that luxury of lights...but, if there is a local venue or park with lights that can accommodate a game, we highly suggest that high schools explore more than a few weekend night games this year. Having a full stadium with a schools students in the stands supporting their team is electric. It's also good for the game, great morale booster for the players and an excuse for the local media to cover a high school game. It also can make baseball a self sustaining revenue generator for the school. Several thousand dollars were made at the game we attended. And, with our economy faltering to the point that states are making cut-backs in education and sports programs, it's a real good time for baseball to start supporting itself the way football and basketball does.

It's America's Past Time folks. Let's promote it as such.

RT Staff

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