Monday, July 25, 2011

College Web Sites Need To Stay Active Year Round

It just blows my mind that many college sports web sites go dark in the off-season...Don't they realize that one of the first things a recruit visits when they are doing their due diligence on a college program is their Web Site?

If a recruit sees old news, and outdated material, it shows a lack of organization, and commitment. In todays world of instant news through web sites and social media, it's just plain laziness for a school to not maintain its web site in the summer and fall...

There's plenty to talk about...The status of it's players in the summer wood bat collegiate leagues, updates on that schools minor league and major league players, news on recruits and their summer exploits on travel updates, etc. There literally is enough news to place a new story at least 3 days a week if not more.

Summer time should be the key fund raising time as well and web and social media sites should be active with promotions, events, BBQ's, meet and greets, golf, tennis and other sporting events to raise money and create more news for the sites and ultimately the baseball program and its coffers.

If colleges would just treat their sports like a company would treat a product that is reliant on active and robust sales, then maybe we could retain our good coaches and not have to financially stress out on how fulfill openings on a shoestring budget.