Monday, April 28, 2008

American Heritage #1

1. American Heritage - Florida – 25-2 (2)
Pine Crest and Coral Springs were the Pats latest victims and this star studded team just could be playing the best ball in the country right now. Because of BG’s loss, we now can salute a new #1…American Heritage.

2. Don Bosco Prep - New Jersey – 14-0 (3)
Right behind the Pats at a very close second is the DBP club. This week, Don Bosco Prep beat Hoboken, N.J 9-1. Niko Spezial (2-0) gets the win pitching a 1 hitter with 12 Strike Outs and only 1 BB, through 5 innings. Tim Sullivan (Quinnipiac) got the save. Anthony Gomez had a HR, a double, a single with 3 RBI's. HR's were by Eric Phfisterer (Duke) and Ben Luederer (Marist). This past weekend in the New Jersey Shore Classic, Prep threw Mike Dennhardt (Boston College) and won 7-0 vs Christian Brothers Academy. In game two on Sunday, Eric Phisterer(Duke)was the hurler as Prep downed Ocean Township. Phisterer had a no-hitter going until the bottom of the 7th, giving up a lone single to the lead off batter. Don Bosco Prep has scored 167 runs vs just 13 against in 14 games.

3. Sarasota - Florida – 20-2 (4)
The Sailors win two more against Riverview and Lakeland in the District tournament…That’s right folks…as the Northeast and Midwest is just getting their season underway, Florida and most of the sunbelt states gear up for the play-offs. Texas and California’s start next week. It will be a battle royale for the top spot. It’s never easy to win in the play-offs in this state.

4. Bishop Gorman HS - Nevada – 29-2 (1)
The Gaels showed signs that they are human and lost 7-4 against Sierra Vista. They rebounded later in the week with a 9-1 victory vs. Rancho. Their hits just weren’t timely in their loss and in baseball that can happen more often than not. This team can still rake though. They drop, but not much.

5. Lake Brantley HS, Florida 23-2 (5)
Idle this week.

6. Crespi Carmelite College Prep – 18-5 California (6)
The Celts easily take two from St. Francis of La Canada. The next two weeks will be a test for Crespi as they wind down league and position themselves for a top section seeding.

7. Owasso High School-Oklahoma 22-2 (7)
Union, Sperry and Page sounds like a law firm, but it’s the Rams latest three victims. After a few tough losses 10 days ago, Owasso had something to prove and outscored those three teams 26-4.

8. Orange Lutheran – California 19-3 (8)
The Lancers stayed on course and took two from Santa Margarita and so they stay put for this week. Big showdown this week with home and home series vs. Mater Dei and St. John Bosco…two tough conference foes. While Gerrit Cole and Aaron Gates are the big names, it has been Tyler Smith-.422 and Chase Harrison-.383 that have been the hot bats as of late.

9. Alvin HS - Texas – 26-3 (9)
It’s clear to us who the best team in Texas is. The YellowJackets destroy Clear Lake and Clear Brook to silence the critics.

10. Seminole (Seminole, Fla.) 23-1 (11)
Another Florida powerhouse gearing up for bragging rights in the state when the districts start this week.

11. Moody High School – Texas – 27-3 (12)
Ther Trojans beat up on Calhoun and Miller 12-2 and 9-1 respectively and move up one spot.

12. Atascocita-Texas- 26-3 (13)
Not much change, although they beat Kingwood in their last regular season game.

13. Plant High School – Florida – 23-3 (14)
They finish out their season with big wins over Hillsborough and Chamberlain. They are preparing for the play-offs as we speak.

14. Farragut -Tenn.-28-1 (16)
With this record, you would think we would rank them higher, but they lost last week to Blount and although they move up, the stay in the lower half of the top twenty.

15. Plano West (Plano, Texas) 28-0 (NR)
Some polls have them at number one. We don’t despite their 28-0 record…It’s a preference of ours to rank the teams based on strength of schedule and enough confidence to schedule teams that are out of their area. But we do give them credit for an undefeated season. Let’s see if they can carry that over to the state play-offs.

16. Paul IV – Fairfax, VA 23-1 (NR)
This is another team that we thought about ranking as the season progressed, and were ready to move them up to our top ten this week and they lose to Bishop Ireton. They have a big re-match with St. Johns this week. Should be a great game.

17. Barbe - Louisiana – 28-6 (17)
They beat Lafayette and More HS...Are more wins in their future during state play-offs?

18. Opelika (Opelika, Ala.) 32-1 (NR)
The Bulldogs are 4-0 in the Class 6A play-offs and advance to the next round. They clobbered Satsuma in a best of three series and are on their way to keep their number one ranking in this Sweet Home of a state.

19. Aptos HS - California – 19-3 (10)
They traveled to Oakland to play in the Coliseum where the A’s play in the Dave Stewart Classic…a great event that raises money for urban youth organizations, but the Mariners forgot to bring their A game. They lose a tough one to league rival Santa Cruz 8-4 and drop.

20. Calvert Hall HS – Maryland- 19-5 (20)
The Cardinals stay put but beat Archbishop Curley..(no Moe and Shemp jokes please we were told…) and then easily dispensed of McDounough 12-0. They have 6 crucial league games left before the play-offs.


Anonymous said...

Re #6 Crespi Carmelite -- is this for real? Crespi is not even number one in its own league, or the polls of the LA Times or Daily News. The team that is on top of all of these, Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks, is 21-2. With far less press and no front-page headlines. Shouldn't there be some effort to keep these rankings based in the real world, or is this list all about politics and marketing?

Anonymous said...

Now that Crespi has played Notre Dame twice - and defeated them twice - maybe the Rounding Poll may make some sense. But I do agree that Notre Dame should be ranked here. California teams are not always ranked high because they have more losses then other state teams, because they have to play each other. Send some of those undefeated teams to Cali and watch what happens to their records.

RT Staff said...

Don't disagree that ND is a good team, but there are also some great teams in Florida and Texas. Don't think they aren't every bit as good. We are from California and know how good the competition is here, and if we had a top 40, ND would be there...but there is just too many good teams in the southwest and southeast to ignore them too.