Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Graduates, Play Hard This Summer

Seniors are getting restless in school. The baseball season is winding down and many college bound baseball players are wondering what they should do this summer. Should you rest and wait until you enter college to play baseball? Should you have a full summer schedule and keep in shape? Should you have a low impact baseball schedule? First, now is not the time to decide it. This should have been discussed with your college coach during the early signing period. Many college players knew in November what their summer assignments were. They expect high school players to have their summers full as well. But just in case you are still thinking that your summer is going to be spent entirely at the beach or by the pool, you'd better tell that to your new college coach first. He may have other plans.

We know, it's tough to have a full schedule on your last endless summer of your high school year. But, if any of you young players have any dreams of playing next year, you'd better play hard this summer. Your college counterparts...the same players that will be your team mates next year are playing in summer leagues in Northwoods, Cape Cod, Alaska,Texas, Coastal Carolina and California. They are keeping in great baseball shape. They are doing it to make sure the new recruits don't take their spot. We only excuse the pitchers that saw a lot of high school action. They may want to rest it a bit more in terms of pitching. The strength and conditioning part needs to be stepped up.

Most of you high school players that will be playing at an NCAA school are in for a big wake-up call...literally. Many programs start strength and conditioning at 6:00am and they are intense. We sat through more than a few of these sessions at camps and this isn't High School P.E. It's best that you have a summer conditioning regimen of running (you will do a lot of that), weights (more of that) and a strict enriched diet this entire summer to get in shape prior to these work-outs. Being in shape prior to your college conditioning regimen will reduce the soreness and the risk of injury. Go to the local 24 Hour Fitness or Golds Gym in your area. Consult a personal trainer at least once to get a routine and commit to the routine at least three times a week. Both clubs have student discounts for athletes in many markets around the country.

Play ball and work on your weaknesses. There is not as much pressure to win in the summer after your senior year. If you need to work on hitting to the opposite field, them this is a good time to do so. Many of you were in set positions in High school, but may be more valuable in another position...work on that. Work on the little things...bunt coverage, bunting, leads off of first with a lefty pitcher, picking up the spin on a pitch, hitting a slider, etc.

Now we are not saying that you should give up your entire summer. Go on your senior trip. Hang by the pool, go to the beach, go out with your girlfriend. Have fun! But, have fun knowing that you must take care of business first.

This is the BEST time to learn time management. Time management is a must for a student athlete and trust us...you do not want to learn this for the first time in college. You guys may think that you already have good time management skills. Oh yeah? So do you do your own laundry, are you responsible for your own meals, and responsible for 100% of your daily schedules? I think you will find that mom and dad did a lot of that for you and this is a great time to ween yourself of mom and dads help.

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Great article...a copy of it will be waiting for our son when he gets home from school!