Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's STUDENT athlete

Most of you high school athletes that have your site on playing college ball must come to the realization that the term Student-Athlete is stated in the right order. You all are students first and athletes second. Yes, the athletic version got you into the college of your choice, but it is a COLLEGE, not a professional team.

Therefore, now is the time to ramp up your scholarly skills with the same grit and determination as you do with baseball. Why the lecture?

We have stated this in so many of our past posts, but college baseball like student athlete puts the college in front of the baseball. It will be hard to work out with your strength an conditioning coach at 7:00 in the morning, go to class, practice from 1:30-5:30, get your three to four meals that they want you to devour AND study four hours a night. With this schedule, you will need to get in condition for school as much as you will for baseball. Guys, it's hard!

College professors don't care that you play baseball, they have no room for complacency and you can't decide just to skip school or class like you may have done in your high school years. Not that any of you would do it, but many professors will deduct a whole letter grade if you miss more than one discussion or lab.

So, many of you seniors on your way to play college ball next year...get in college shape! Set your alarm early and go jogging or do a small work-out routine. Develop a plan to work out in the afternoon in the off season after school and then make your self be dedicated to at least four hours of studying at night...because in college you will be expected to study even more.

Many colleges have a plan that states that you should study THREE HOURS for every credit or unit you take...If you take 14 credits or units...that's 42 hours a week that they want you to study. (the plan includes weekend integral part of college time management.)

Therefore, if school is a drag for your son, then maybe you should be targeting the colleges that have the courses, tutors and a support group that fits his aptitude. They will need it. Picking a college is so much deeper than just meeting the coach and the facilities. Don't ever let up on the baseball part. It's what got many of you recruited athletes to this point. Now...ramp up the school part. You won't ever regret that decision no matter what success you have as a baseball player.

RT Staff

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