Friday, January 2, 2009

Over The River And Through The Woods

As we traveled great distances these past few holiday weeks, we want to thank the grandparents across the country that travel with their grandchildren when mom and dad had to work, or couldn't be there.

All of us have real jobs and to support our children's dreams, and sometimes we have to miss a tournament or two or three. Stepping in to sacrifice their emptynester lives are the grandparents. Their unique brand of nurturing and calmness is always a welcome addition to any baseball event. They are the true elder statesmen and women in the stands. As we all have witnessed, those bleachers can be brutal at times with well intentioned, but overzealous parents. We are all guilty.

But grandma and grandpa...they know better. Maybe it's because they have been there too and after years of study and introspect, they have come to realize that all that emotion is just not worth it. We could all learn from that. Last week myself, I toasted an eggnog with one of those supporting elders. Part of that toast on a cold Christmas Eve morning, was to thank them for being there for my son and above all, an added positive influence before and after every game. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

RT Staff

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