Monday, February 16, 2009

The Value Of Amateur Baseball

We are living in an unprecedented period of financial hardship. I hear stories of families that have had loss of income, are behind on their debt payments and worse. Yet, with all of this financial hardship, we as parents are still responsible to our children and their well being. In our world of sports oriented activities, part of that bonding experience with our kids is to take them to a ball game.

But because of our financial crisis, there are many in the Northeast that will have to sacrifice that trip to new Yankees Stadium (Those ticket prices are criminal in our mind anyway). Well don't despair, there are other much, much less expensive options to keep the spirit of this great game alive.

That option is amateur baseball. And it starts with the local high school scene. There are a lot of great high school teams out there with top rated talent...many of whom you will be reading on this very web site in weeks to come.

Despite our sometimes over the top support for College Development Programs, we have great respect and enthusiasm for the high school game. It's the high school game that really gets the players in shape to get seen in the summer. In high school, players practice everyday, from January to June and it's here they get their reps, strengthen their core, hone their skills and mechanics and of course, get the local press that puts them on the radar.

And, high school ball is great drama, especially during those high profile pre-season tournaments, league play and the play-offs. And, in most parts of the country, it is free or at least less than $4.00 for adults...Kids are usually free. That's a bargain any way you look at it.

If you have a young son or daughter that is still in middle school or grade school, going to a high school game will be a great experience for them. To them, those teenagers are bigger stronger athletes any way you look at it. They probably can identify with them a bit better too, especially if it's a school in your area. Your kids probably know the players or know someone who knows them.

Of course in the southeast, we don't need to tell the fans about the high school game. There are schools in Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and Florida that attract hundreds and hundreds to every game.

So, if you are in a warm, weather state, and feel the need to see a ball game this week, take the time out of your day to take the family to a high school game. It's cheap, it's great entertainment and you will feel better about it than spending a few hundred dollars to see a pro game that is beginning to have too many personal problems to justify the costs these days.

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Trent said...

Great article coach. As a coach of youth baseball, I am excited that the world is right side up again starting now for the season of baseball. Baseball and life are both a game of inches. Let's enjoy them both at the purest moments of the game, and get all the timely inches we can.