Friday, May 29, 2009

Watch The NCAA Baseball Tournament

We are posting a special late weekend post to tell all baseball fans to watch the NCAA baseball tourney this weekend. It is truly the best tournament in all of college sports. Just witnessed a tough Virginia team beat San Diego St. and the number one overall MLB draft pick, Steven Strasburg 5-1.

Folks...this is one of the most exciting NCAA tourney's of all time. Football Bowl games and the March Madness don't compare with this incredible display of talent at these regionals.

The ACC is having a good first day. The SEC is also doing well. Just witnessed a shot off of the scoreboard from a Marist player as they take the lead off of Florida St...3-1. this tourney On ESPN Classic and ESPNU...Also on line on CBS's unbelievable!!!

RT Staff

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Cajun Tig said...

DUUUUDE! College baseball is frickin great!!!!!