Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why are you interested in playing baseball in college?

RT Staff Note: One of our goals on this web site is to inform future prospects and teach them about the steps necessary to play baseball at the next level. So, with the help of the San Gabriel Valley Arsenal and TeachDgame, we present a series on College Prep and Recruiting. We start by asking this simple question...

Why Are You Interested In Playing Baseball In College?

• It is the next level of the sport for you to reach
• Scholarship money is available, but it is in limited supply.

But consider these other reasons as well, because at many schools:

• Your participation in baseball may make the difference in just getting in.
• Athletes can get early class registration, allowing them to get the classes they want.
• Graduating in 4-5 years vs. 5-6 years can save you tens of thousands of dollars.
• Athletic departments provide academic tutoring, helping you with your classes.
• At some schools athletes get first pick of the dorm rooms because of proximity to facilities.
• Being an athlete on a college campus is FUN. You will become known by a wider array of students than the average college student.

Getting through high school and ready for college can be an exciting, frustrating and gratifying time. Being prepared for the journey will help you connect with a college that is right for you! Your job is to determine if you want to play baseball in college and to educate yourself on the differences in colleges and universities that might help you fulfill that dream.

Today, colleges and coaches are looking for students with more than athletic abilities. Without considering athletic skills, the average admission requirement at the UC System in California is a 3.8 GPA and a 1710 SAT. Now, not all state schools are that demanding, but it's getting there.

The average cost for a four-year college education is $60,000 - $200,000. GOOD REASON to show that you are talented!! Competition can be fierce, so presenting yourself as a well-rounded studentathlete can separate you from the other player. There is a candidate waiting in the wings that has academics, athletics and more. You can be that candidate!! Start early!

To get into the college of your choice you must:
1. Excel academically
2. Excel in Baseball
3. Complete all administrative paperwork on time
4. Develop contacts among potential coaches
5. Follow-up on the contacts you make
6. Choose the correct college for you!

Emphasis on choosing the right college for you.

It is very important you choose a college that provides you the school experience you want. It doesn’t help anyone for you to get a great scholarship to a school that doesn’t have the major course of study you want, or isn’t a place where you are happy.

Also, be aware that NCAA rules change from time to time. Go to to brush up on the latest rules and download your free copy of the “Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete”. Be aware the dates found in this document are subject to change by the NCAA and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with NCAA dates and requirements.


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