Thursday, April 22, 2010

Superman now plays baseball

Superman now plays baseball
Cameron McMillan
Y!X Sport editor
April 22, 2010

An American college baseball player has pulled off one of the sports plays of the year by diving straight over a catcher at home plate.

Playing for Fordham College Brian Kownacki rounded third base and pulled off a Superman dive straight over the catcher to record the run.

The umpire took his time to record the run possibly due to his disbelief of the amazing leap.

The video has been played throughout American media outlets today, making Kownacki an international star - all be it for a few days.

The play was part of an impressive turn around that saw Fordham come back from 9-1 down to beat Iowa 12-9.

But who will ever remember the score?

Kownacki leaps over the catcher @ Yahoo! Video


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