Thursday, August 5, 2010

Team Building


Whenever possible, make everyone feel like they are the best player on the team. Use the observations from above to showcase each player's stronger skills to the rest of the team. Stroke the each player's ego to the team's advantage.

For example... correct the analytical type away from the rest of the team... focus on the happy go lucky type in times when practice is loose and things are going well... when the risk taker makes a good decision, praise this player in front of the entire team asking questions about the player's decision... take a skill the controlling type performs well and have this player teach the skill to the weaker performers on the team."

All coaches must be aware of these five steps towards "peak performance." The specifics within the plan are defined by the Head Coach and his coaching staff.

1. Everyone must know the "Big Picture"... What are the goals for the team?... At the end of the season, what ability level can the team expect?

2. Everyone must know the specific skills needed to attain this goal... What are the steps needed to reach the "Big Picture"?

3. Everyone must be ready to work toward the goal... What practice and planning is needed to attain the "Big Picture"?

4. Everyone must be willing to attend practice to work toward this goal... Is everyone committed to working toward this goal?

5. Everyone must demonstrate a consistent performance over an extended period of time... Is everyone committed to a reliable performance over a period of time?"

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