Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is it Any Wonder That a Athletic Director Named Barbour Would CUT a Baseball Program?

The comical situation that is the Cal Athletic department has taken another turn. Now, after announcing that it was cutting baseball, Sandy Barbour is reconsidering her decision because donors have come forth. Huh? So...after she cuts a program...she talks to donors?

This decision by AD Sandy Barbour was a disaster and a lesson of what NOT to do as an executive at any position in any company or organization.

First of all, this should have never, ever come as a surprise to Esquer and the families involved. Now they are trying to scramble and save the program? After Cal has had to let go of its 2012 recruits...thereby basically giving itself a self imposed death penalty????

Why not discuss the possible ramifications and possibilities that the program MAY BE in danger of being cut PRIOR TO making a decision to cut it? Why not discuss ways to save it PRIOR TO announcing to the world that the 118 year old program, one of the oldest in the country, is being cut? What Sandy Barbour did and the way she did it is an embarrassment to the school, the State of California and makes her look quite bad as a leader...Let me rephrase that...she did not act anywhere near what a good leader would do. She did not communicate, discuss or take the time, effort and initiative to find solutions to a very big problem..She created a problem out of her inability to fight for her own program and now in a panic from fans, benefactors and alumni is being forced to fix a situation that she helped foster behind closed doors with a group of anti-sports school board members.

Cal needs a guy like USC's Pat Haden to run that athletic program...Someone that will fight, raise money and has the fire to make it all work. My sources tell me that Sandy Barbour does what she is told, not what is right in that department.

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