Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long Rest from Rounding Third

I have been away a long time from writing any new posts...It's a combination of my real job and just needing a break. But... a lot has happened while I took a break and going forward I will continue to write about things that have changed the game of High School and College Ball this season.

The most glaring change has been the bats...In the power conferences, power numbers are down considerably. Consider last years (2010) player of the year, Anthony Rendon. He finished last year with a .394 BA and 26 Home Runs, 89 hits and 85 RBI's... 8 players on the Rice team finished with averages above .300, with 4 above .340.

This's much different...With 5 games to play, Rendon is batting .326, with 5 Home Runs, 57 hits and 33 RBI's. 4 players on the Rice team are hitting above .300, with zero above Rendon's team high of .326.

Go from team to team in the big power conferences and you will see the same. Yes, there are players in the Northeast and smaller teams like James Madison putting up power numbers, but the pitching talent in those conferences is week and a decent hitter can hit mediocre pitching any day of the week.

It is the bats folks...and good location pitchers taking advantage of those decreased exit speeds. Pitchers are challenging inside more and winning that battle without the fear of a metal bat bloop single over the 1st basemans head. That pitch is now resulting into a routine infield pop fly or grounder.

I like the change...I see more strategic baseball...more small ball and more emphasis on speed. This is baseball the way it ought to be....more later.

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