Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A College Development Team That Delivers...Big League Style

I have written a few times about the baseball club known as NorCal...based in Northern California. They deserve the notoriety...

On Day One of the draft, Norcal had three players picked in the 1st and supplemental rounds of the draft. On day two, they had by my count, 11 former players picked in the draft..some High school... most college players...Did Rob Bruno get them drafted? No, that was up to the skills and work ethic of the players.

Did he give them opportunities to take it to the level? Did he expose them to top competition to give them a benchmark on where they stood talent wise so they could see what areas they needed to work on? Did he put them in front of scouts for evaluation? Did he act as a reference to college coaches inquiries to get some of those college players into the college of their choice?

Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

That is the mark of a great College Development Program..With Day 3 of the draft upon us, we will definitely see more NorCal players taken. When choosing a College Development Program in your Area...make sure they have the track record, the contacts, the respect of the recruiting community...This stuff ain't cheap folks...And in these tough economic times, you need to make sure that you get more than what you pay for.

For programs like NorCal...the value, the service and the results of the program more than justifies the cost of the travel and instruction. Good luck to NorCal on Day 3...Good Luck to them with their young clubs this summer at all of the major events they are attending...

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