Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Use The 1% Factor To Achieve Greatness

RT Staff Note: We have been laboring on about the labor it takes to succeed at the next level all last week. Guys, it's very, very hard and time consuming. But, of course it is...It's a valuable life lesson to learn. If it was that easy, then everyone would be an elite athlete. In our 30 second sound bite world of instant this and instant that, the results will never, ever, happen overnight. Overnight success leads to instant failure. Our bodies just can't handle a crash course of instant muscle. Just like our minds can't handle a crash course in information. That's why we go to school for 16 or more years. Think about that for a second...16 or more years to have the priveledge of working in the real world for another 40 years or more. Our physical bodies need that same slow and dedicated routine if we want to play without injury and succeed with confidence. So, how appropriate then to fall back on the word of wisdom from Jon Doyle of Baseball Training Secrets who states that how over time amazing things can happen. Please go to his web site for more great information about training, nutrition, hitting and more.

By Jon Doyle.

In any endeavor, athletic or not, winning is there for the taking by improving your performance by a few percentages points, if that. A fraction of a second is the difference in winning Gold or going home empty handed. In team sports those split second improvements put you in an entirely different category than everyone else. While a huge leap in improvement can seen like a daunting task at first glance, by simply doing a little bit more today than you did yesterday will lead to greatness.

So you always wanted to write a book, but never had the time? What if I told you that if you wrote just two paragraphs each day you would have a book that was just about 200 pages in one years time. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t have the time to write two paragraphs each day.

The same principle applies to baseball strength and conditioning. Adding work and improving your efforts and baseball drills over time will give you the ability to perform feats you never thought possible. This advice is very simple and elementary, yet overlooked by the majority of people in all walks of life.

You must ask yourself what it exactly that you want is. When you have a vivid picture of that, embrace it and make it come to life. And then it is time to go out and take the necessary steps that are needed to reach that goal. It comes down to the question, "How bad to you really want it?"

I ask myself that question every time a negative thought comes in my mind. Sometimes the answer is "Not very much." That just tells me that goal is not that important after all. But when I want something so bad that I can literally taste it, I know it is a true passion and I cannot
be stopped.

These small victories will lead to your large goal, whatever that may be. Start your small improvements today and they will lead to many major improvements, often sooner than anticipated.

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