Friday, February 29, 2008


Baseball is in full swing in the southern states. Many teams have anywhere from 3-10 games under their belts. This is usually called the pre-season and although the games count on the win-loss record, they don't carry points that determine who is going to the state and regional play-offs at the end of the season. It's a good thing usually. Many teams have basketball players on their roster who are still playing, and young players taking the spot of last years graduated seniors with little varsity playing time, that are bound to experience a some jitters. These games are a bit sloppy like first basketball or football game and don't always measure a teams true talents.

It's a real exciting time for a lot of families, players and fans. However, it gets next to zero coverage in the newspapers, message boards and other various high school web sites. And, there is usually no pre-season predictions. We understand that there are basketball playoff going on, but the dailies, weeklies and local county papers are already covering spring training for the pro teams and we have even seen coverage of local college teams. Is it too much to ask to cover our country's past time, when it starts? They cover basketball when it overlaps with football, they could also cover baseball even though it is overlapping with basketball. It's called multi-tasking, and we at Rounding Third would like baseball to be treated like the big three sport that it is. There always seems to be rumblings that youth baseball is declining in some areas...well, that could be because high school baseball doesn't get nearly the press it should. There's no awareness, no top of mind, no drama created by league rivalry's like there is in football and basketball. Like we said earlier...Baseball is America's Past Time, let's get the newspapers to cover it more enthusiastically from season beginning to end.

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