Thursday, February 14, 2008

We Love Baseball

On a day where we exchange flowers, candy, heart shaped balloons, cards and for those who are more fortunate...little felt boxes filled with bling, we dedicate this blog for the love of the game...In case you readers haven't noticed, we are filled with passion for the game of baseball. The following lists the many reasons why we love baseball...

We love that of all the things to do in America and of all the distractions being fed to us, minute by is still called America's past time.

We love the oddities of the game...For instance, it's the only sport where the offense never has the ball...and when on offense it's one guy vs. nine.

We Love the Smell of the Game...

The smell of burnt wood on a foul tip off a wood bat...

The smell of a leather glove.

The smell of the field...the dirt and the grass...and the way it stays with you throughout the day.

The smell of ballpark franks, popcorn and a bag of seeds.

We Love the Sound of the Game...

The sound of an umpires called third strike call.

The sound of the pop from a catchers glove.

The sound of a slide.

The sound of chatter from the bench.

The sound of a rousing chear from the stands.

The sound of groans on a bad called strike.

The sound of a third base coach pumping up his hitters.

The sound of a good announcer pronouncing everyones name right and on cue.

The sound of a wood bat on ball...and because we have to...even the sound of aluminum on ball..especially if it's our kid.

We Love the Sights of the Game...

The sight of a well groomed field.

The sight of a double play ball.

The sight of a diving play in the hole.

The sight of a over the head catch in the outfield.

The sight of a pick-off play at first.

The sight of a 6"5" lefty taking control of a game.

The sight of a teams reaction from a game winning hit.

The sight of a nasty slider or curve ball.

The sight of a batter pounding a ball over the fence.

We Love What Everyone Else Doesn't Understand About The Game...

We love the drama of a low scoring pitchers duals.

We love the hit and run.

We love the way a catcher calls a game.

We love the double switch.

We love the sacrifice fly.

We love the sacrifice bunt...sometimes...

We love the stats like OBP, OPS, RISP, LIPS and DER.

And, like the masses...

We love the home team when they win or just play hard.

We love a power pitcher facing a power hitter.

We love how truly hard it is to play this game.

Happy Valentines Day To Everyone!

RT Staff

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