Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Grandaddy of all Tournaments is in Full Swing

One of the most well run and talent rich tournaments in the country is under way in East Cobb, GA this week. The 18U WWBA is a must attend for all prospects period. Next week, the 17U starts up and it too is extrememly important for undergrads. Don't even try to argue with us on this point. While the talent at this event is incredible, the venues aren't bad either. You have heard us say before how well maintained the East Cobb Complex is. It's so well manicured and landscaped it's almost Disney-like. But it's also the high school fields that draw a lot of oooh's and aaahs from newcomers to this event. There aren't D-I colleges, especially in the frost belt, that have facilities as nice as the high school fields that act as venues for many of the games here. It's a treat to play baseball at any of these fields.

But don't just go to play ball on a nice diamond. That's just a bonus. The real reason to attend is the plethora of scouts that flock to this event every year like groupies to a Grateful Dead concert.

This weeks 18U is mostly for incoming seniors looking to make additional contacts and impress a few more scouts prior to their committments. Many players at this tourney will get phone calls, and others will just get looks...but the main thing is that most every team with players worthy of a look will get a look.

Next weeks 17U is mostly comprised of teams with incoming juniors just getting started into the recruiting game at full tilt. It too, is heavily scouted by colleges and pro scouts alike and is a must for any teams that have prospects worthy of showcasing.

The great thing about the WWBA is that there are all types of colleges here from all four corners of the US. You get scouts from the Ivy's, to small state colleges...Pac 10 to Big 10...WCC to ACC...Big West to Big 12. There is a college for everyone and every talent. It's like shopping at a big L.A. Auto Mall with every make and model on display at one place.

How important and how impressive is the talent? Here's a sampling of the talent since 2000. BJ Upton, Justin Upton, David Wright, Delmon Young, Jeremy Bonderman, Matt Cain, Prince Fielder, Scott Kazmir, Lastings Milledge, Jose Morales, Micah Owings to name a few.

So far, the teams that look pretty good after two games are below. Their name is first and their runs scored vs. runs against is after that.

Chain Baseball Black 17 scored-0 against
West Florida Young Guns 17-1
Maroons-Diamonds 26-2
South Carolina Bombers 12-0
East Cobb Shamrock 10-0
Jacksonville Heat 10-0
Florida Bombers 18-1
Palmetto Sand Gnats 20-1

More later.

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