Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Connecting With The College Game

"Hey that freshman pitcher is the guy that shut us down in that Junior Olympic Tourney a few years back".

"Isn't that left fielder the kid who blasted that 7th inning home run off of Justin in Georgia two years ago?"

"Look at the Texas roster dad...there's five guys from our high school league on the team."

"I know about 10 of these names on the Florida State roster. We have seen them play at AAU tournaments."

"I remember Gerrit Cole when he was in Little League...nothing has changed. He is still dominant."

Connections like this are abundant in College baseball. When you and your son go to a college game...get a media guide or roster sheet and look at some of the names and the high schools they come from. You will be amazed at all of the connections your son will have with these players. And that will make the game much, much more meaningful for him. It will also make your future star even more excited to be one of those players some day.

Our series this week is meant to glorify a game that we think is even better than the pro game on many levels. It's cheaper, it's pure, it's free of tabloid type drama, and there are players on these teams that everyone can identify with.

Below is a comment we received from a dad who took his son to a ball game in San Diego...If you don't believe us, read his comments and you will be convinced that you guys are missing out on a experience of a lifetime.


I took my son to the San Diego State vs. University of San Diego game on Sunday. The game was at Tony Gwynn Stadium on the campus of San Diego State.We had a great time!My son really enjoyed sitting behind the Torreros dugout,and being able to hear all the dugout chatter/smack/props among the players and coaches. These tickets at Petco, Edison Field,or Dodger Stadium would have cost 35.00+...... Our cost at SDSU was 7.00 for me(adult) and 5.00 for my 12 year old son. Other costs were parking 2.00 in a parking garage a short walk from the stadium,a big hot dog 3.50 and a frozen lemonade 3.50 for my son. The sunflower seeds and bottled water we bought at Costco. The final cost for a wonderful Sunday afternoon with my son was about 25.00. The memories will last a lifetime.My son was so excited about seeing Brandon Meredith hit his 1st collegiate Home Run (I think he'll hit a lot more of those)

BTW, the game was very entertaining and USD hung on for a 10-7 win and avoided a 4 game sweep by the Aztecs.I was expecting a bigger crowd though. The announced attendance was only 980. These two teams are big rivals and I was expecting a much bigger crowd.I'm an Alumni of Arizona State and most of the games I attended at Packard Stadium were in the 3-4 thousand range.

We'll be heading up the coast to USC at the end of this month to watch the Sun Devils battle the Trojans.I expect to see a full house....Lots of Sun Devil Alums in SoCal. My son is a USC fan...should be lots of fun. Every team in the Pac 10 hates ASU......

Bring it on !!! I love college baseball,and the conferences you mentioned do play the most competitive baseball in the country.

Thanks for your awesome blog :)



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