Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keeping Our Top Twenty Updated

Every Monday we will update our Top Twenty, because this site exists for one reason and one reason only...to give the kids the tools necessary to be seen and heard, so that they have a chance to play at the next level...Scouts and recruiters are already tuned into our site...so we want them to read about the accomplishments of the high school players out there. We also want to be as detailed as possible, so encourage your high school to post their scores on their web sites or Max Preps daily. It's not that hard...If they don't have time to do it...offer to have one of the baseball boosters take on that task...Stats are important for recruiters and best of all it helps player and team morale to be able to view their stats on not only their high school web site, but a national site like Rounding Third. If that doesn't work, then send us the scores and box scores yourselves by e-mail.

We want to compile updates and changes in our Top Twenty so that recruiters have one site and one page to see how the top teams and their players are playing. In fact, we are already making changes for next weeks poll. A few teams in our Top Twenty suffered a loss or two already...which is going to happen...it's hard to go undefeated in baseball. But, unlike the other polls, we will take the particular loss into consideration. A loss can sometimes happen due to an intense league rivalry...a hurt player...or in the case of more than a few teams that have already started in the warm weather states...key players not on the team yet because they are still playing basketball.

Also, this Top Twenty poll is not a scientific poll by any means. It's not meant to be taken too seriously. None of the polls from USA Today to Rivals to Baseball America can't really predict who is better out of the tens of thousands of high schools out there. All of these polls are really a fun glimpse of perennial powerhouses, up and comers and teams with top recruited talent and how they play the game throughout the season. But the key word is Fun...They are fun to read, debate, admire or scoff. They provide incentives for those that want to be on the list and pride for those that are.

Enjoy the High School Season...Play Ball!!!

RT Staff

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OK2Go said...

I like your picks but I have a question. How can we get to the updates for your Top Twenty Poll?