Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Down To One Last Game

Anybody that doesn't think that the NCAA College World Series is the greatest college sporting event in amateur sports isn't a sports fan.

This entire series has been one dramatic moment after another. The Championship Series showcases two titans of collegiate sports. The Tigers of LSU are 5 time CWS champions and the Longhorns have netted 6 championship trophies.

ESPN couldn't not be any happier with this series from a ratings standpoint either. Both teams have rabid fans across the country. Rosenblatt has been loud, rowdy and at fever pitch through the first two games. At the turnstiles, LSU is the king of college baseball. The Box packs in an average of 9,600 fans a game and over 400,000 for the season.

Take note NCAA...that's way more total fans than the Tigers Basketball team. In fact, that 400,000 total is more than most Big Conference programs draw for football in a season. Any chance that we can take this information and use it to increase college scholarships?

The Longhorns don't do too bad at the gate either. In a a newly refurbished UFCU Disch-Falk Field, Texas drew over 6,000 fans per game this year and it seems that they brought that entire nation of fans to Rosenblatt. More than half of the faithful in Omaha are dressed in Texas Orange.

Despite the weather issues, and the economy, Rosenblatt has never looked better. The CWS attendance total of 316,090 is the second-highest total in the CWS trailing only last year’s total of 330,099. According to one of our colleagues, there is a different kind of electricity in the air this year due to the high stakes nature of the two universities that are competing.

As much as America was charmed by Fresno State and Oregon States improbable wins, I like this match-up of two of the top sports programs in America. Texas and LSU are no strangers to championship games. Longhorn Division I programs in both men's and women's sports have won 47 national championships. LSU has won 43 national titles.

Now, the season is down to its last game. For many fans of this great game, it will be a bittersweet ending to the season. But, based on the drama that has been a hallmark of this series, it should be a perfect ending to an exciting season.

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