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Trombly Alumni A Huge Hit In Draft

For the past two years, we have had our own Top 5 College Development Program rankings. The teams we pick are all very deserving clubs, but sometimes we miss out on a program or two. This blog is a hobby and sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong.

But credit is given where credit is due on this site. Therefore, a ton of credit should be given to the Trombly Baseball Academy and what they have accomplished over the past few years. If any of you tracked the 2009 MLB draft, chances are you came across one of the many alumni of that program that were chosen.

The numbers of players from the Trombly program that were selected in the draft are astounding to say the least. In the first 30 rounds, 21 former players were chosen. Five more players were chosen on day three for a total of 26 players. As if that wasn't impressive enough...
* Four former players were picked in the 1st round!
* Three players were chosen in the second round.
* One each in the 3rd, 4th and 9th and two in the 10th.
* 12 players in all in the top 10 rounds!!!

The Trombly Baseball Academy was started in 2002 and they put together their first summer teams in 2003. Their goal from Day 1 was to establish the program as one of the top baseball organizations in the entire country. Steve Trombly, it's founder, wanted their players to move on to college baseball/professional baseball and sought out ways to compete with the top teams in the country. In a very short amount of time the players/coaches hard work has obviously helped them achieve those goals.

Trombly has numerous players playing college baseball at different levels throughout the country and several more who are currently playing professional baseball. Their teams have been very successful as well, having won numerous tournaments and league championships. In addition to their local success, they have done very well nationally. Here's a sampling of their success:

15U AABC Western Regional Runner-Up
16U AABC State Champions
16U AABC Western Regional Runner-Up

16U Super 7 World Series Champions

18U AABC State Champions
18U AABC Western Regional Champions
18U AABC Connie Mack World Series Runner-Up

16U AABC Mickey Mantle World Series Runner-Up
18U AABC Connie Mack World Series Runner-Up

17U Premier World Series Runner-Up
17U AABC State Champions
17U AABC Don Mattingly World Champions

18U AABC State Champions
18U USABF World Series Runner-Up

Here is how the Trombly Baseball players did in the Top 30 rounds of this year's 2009MLB Draft.

-----1st Round-----
#5 Matt Hobgood (Orioles)
#8 Mike Leake (Reds)
#11 Tyler Matzek (Rockies)
#13 Grant Green (A's)

-----2nd Round-----
#53 Brooks Pounders (Pirates)
#67 Robert Stock (Cardinals)
#74 Cameron Garfield (Brewers)

-----3rd Round-----
#96 Brett Wallach (Dodgers)

-----4th Round-----
#141 Wes Hatton (Angels)

-----9th Round-----
#285 Gavin Brooks (Yankees)

-----10th Round-----
#292 Paul Applebee (Nationals)
#295 Joey Schoenfeld (Pirates)

-----11th Round-----
#330 Adam Wilk (Tigers)

-----16th Round-----
#489 Danny Bibona (Cardinals)

-----18th Round-----
#534 Shuhei Fujia (Padres)
#555 Hector Rabago (Yankees)

-----19th Round-----
#577 Nick Akins (Dodgers)
#579 Travis Tartamella (Cardinals)

-----26th Round-----
#784 Kevin Castner (Rangers)

-----29th Round-----
#870 Michael Morrison (Tigers)

-----30th Round-----
#906 Jack Marder (Diamondbacks)

-----32nd Round-----
#970 Ryan Shopshire (Blue Jays)

-----36th Round-----
#1101 Eric Oliver (Angels)

-----41st Round-------
#1236 Cade Kreuter (Diamondbacks)

-----45th Round-----
#1366 Richard Stock (Brewers)

-----47th Round-----
#1410 Kevin Chambers (Tigers)

Their web site is not flashy and they keep a somewhat low profile. But nobody can argue their success. Steve and his crew have done a great job giving these young men an outlet to play some great competitive basball and helping them get ready for the next level. Congratulations to the Alumni of the Trombly Baseball Academy and Steve Trombly.

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