Friday, March 12, 2010

Write Your Local Papers

Folks, it's time to complain. The major daily newspapers in my major metro area are more interested in Justin Henin beating Magdalena Rybarikova (is that a man or woman?) in some Tennis match in Riverside, CA than covering the local 7 NCAA Division I baseball teams that are within a 30-40 minute drive of each other. They refuse to even mention the upcoming games in the daily calendar or the scoreboard section. Nobody knows that these games are even being played. It's not in the paper or on the papers on-line web site. Now that's just plain lazy and unacceptable.

So, here a your local sports editors, TV newscasters, radio talk show hosts, and local cable sports shows and demand that they start covering what could possibly be the best kept secret in all of college sports. For some unknown reason, these sports guys treat college baseball like some weird fringe sport. They don't understand the connection between MLB and College baseball...and there is a huge connection. College players are pro prospects...and there are more pro prospects that play college baseball than their counterparts in basketball and football combined.

As I stated yesterday, we as sports fans understand the connection between the college game in basketball and football. We are attentive at how our local NBA and NFL team drafts promising college stars each year. When they introduce these players on TV and at games, we hear the announcer tell us what colleges they came from.

The connections between college baseball and MLB should be no different. But, for reasons only understood (or not understood) by uninformed sports editors, they choose to ignore college baseball altogether.

Fans...stand up for your teams...demand that they be covered...Show those sports writers that you want coverage and that there is a demand. Do it today...tomorrow and everyday until they start reporting. You can find most of their e-mails in the By-line or on the papers web site.

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