Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have a Mission Statement

If players want to become a top player, and have a great career in high school, college or wherever they want to take their game, they need to come up with a mission statement. Start by brainstorming with team mates and make it a collaborative effort, because baseball is a TEAM sport. If there isn't any participation in establishing it, there won't be any dedication in upholding it. Keep in mind that it's much deeper than "I like baseball". Players need to think what it is they like about the game and WHY they work so hard to be a better player. For Instance...

Is It The Competition?

The Feeling Of Excelling at Something Few Others Can?

The Feeling Of Pushing Themselves To The Limit?

The Feeling Of Control?

The Personal Challenge Of Wanting To Do Better Than The Year Before?

The Desire To Break Records?

Because They Love The Social Aspect Of It?

The Passion For The Sport?

Is It The One Place They Feel Confident And At A Total Peace With Themsleves?

The Prestige And Attention?

The Scholarship They Receive?

A Mission Statement is a personal statement or creed representing why it is a player does what they do. Every team, and player needs to have a mission and a reason for being. It is what is going to be the fire that keeps you players and teams working and achieving together. Each players personal mission statement will help them individually stay pursuant of the things that will make them better athletes, an in turn contribute immensely to the team. A mission statement is going to set the tone for everything a player and team does. so players need to make sure they are comfortable with it and wholeheartedly believe in it.

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