Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Golden Spikes Battery Shuts Down Rangers

The Giants Series clinching Game 5 of the 2010 World Series was a pitching masterpiece and featured a battery of two Golden Spikes award winners (MLB and USA baseballs award for the best College Player)

Tim Lincecum (U of Washington) won it in 2006 and Posey (Florida State) in 2008...Another Giant, Pat Burrel (Miami) won it in 1998..His teammate on that Miami team was another Giant WS Hero...Aubry Huff...BTW...Will Clark works for the Giants and he won the Golden Spikes in 1985...Giants love those college players.

While Edgar Renteria deservedly won the WS MVP, this team got this point from its trio of Golden Spikes award winners.

Burrell had a disappointing World Series, but his contribution in the last half of the season and ALDS and ALCS were huge...Lincecum, after a rough August...picked it up in September and left no doubt during the past two months as to why he was the Cy Young award winner the past two years.

As far as Posey...He is poised, tough, focused...and able to handle that incredible pitching staff with ease in his rookie year. He and that pitching staff are going to be the face of baseball for years to come. Can you tell that I am a big Giants fan...Incredible pitching performance...Giants had the arms that shut down the best hitting team in the majors on its way to its first World Series victory since they moved to San Francisco.

P.S. Coach Manieri of and his fans at LSU probably hated the last two games of this series...pitching was too good and the scoring too light. Me? I prefer a low scoring...nail biting pitching dual over anything in sports...Give me torture til the last pitch...


Jeff Wise said...

This was one of the more enjoyable World Series in a long time. I love watching teams that play team ball.

A new hero stepped up each night and the pitching/defense combo was great for the Giants.

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