Monday, November 1, 2010

World Series...Take it Seriously

I read today that the ratings for this World Series is down considerable from previous years. Folks...if you are not watching this years World Series...It's your loss.

If you don't want to see a 21 year old rookie pitcher spin a 3 hit shut-out over 8 innings and help the staff accomplish something that no other team has done to the Rangers all season..SHUT THEM OUT AT HOME...(that's other team has shut out the Rangers at home this season) then you are missing great baseball my friends...He is the youngest pitcher to accomplish that World Series history...He is the 4th youngest start a World Series game...It was the first time EVER...that two rookies formed a battery in the World Series...Bumgarner and closer Brian Wilson made the Giants the first team to post two shutouts in a World Series since Baltimore threw three straight to close out the Dodgers in 1966. Matt Cain and the Giants won 9-0 in Game 2.

Madison Baumgartner, Buster Posey, and the rest of this remarkable team are something special and the world is missing out on history. This is a great baseball being the operative word here, managed by a coach that is making all the right moves and doing so against an offensive juggernaut in the Texas Rangers and so far...great pitching is trumping great hitting...That's the way it is supposed to be..right?

Folks...tune in...It's still baseball season until the first team wins four in the World Series. That could be tonight...Tune in...Another great pitching match-up in Cy Young winner Lincecum against top 2010 Cy Young award candidate Cliff Lee. Forget Monday night football...It's still baseball season!!!!

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