Friday, November 23, 2007

Age Old Wisdom

It's the day after the usuals...Turkey, mashed and sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (it's like fruit cake, the only time we see that dish), cranberry whatever (don't drink milk after eating that stuff), 20 different varieties of stuffing that the relatives bring over because theirs is the best...and at last count...327 pies. And then there was Brett Favre, his arm looking like a healthy Roger Clemens, throwing for more yards yesterday than the Rocket had strike-outs in a Cy Young award winning season....At the age of 38!

And that brings up the topic of age. Does it seem to you that more players are getting better as they get older? Clemens, Johnson, Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Wells, Schilling, Rivera...all are effective pitchers. Omar Vizquel is still one of the better shortstops in the national league. Is it possible that as you get older, you get smarter about the game??? to anticipate, concentrate and focus more. The adage of wise old men rings very true in this case. Many players are never able to harness that frame of mind. They rely on their physical attribute to get by, but never to get ahead. In today's game...a player needs to harness the mind first...then the physical part of the game becomes a bit easier.

It's not all hocus-pocus stuff...In our daily searches of all things baseball, we came across a few sites that offer books and training to help a player with the mental edge...and as we conclude this this post to make a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich, we leave you with some links that would make great stocking stuffers for your son on this Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday....AND...look at our NLI listings...we are approaching the end of the list...get your son's or players name in today...e-mail us at

Mental Toughness Sites and Books

Baseballs Mental Fundamentals

The Hitting Edge

Big League Edge

Baseball Warehouse Available Books and Videos on Mental Training

Steve Springers Quality at Bats

Baseball Training Secrets

Be a Better Hitter...Mental Approach

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Anonymous said...

Danny Pulfer (Marina HS, California) has committed to Oregon, not UCI.

Chris Wilson (Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego) has signed with San Diego State.

The Rounding Third Word-Ballers said...

We changed Danny's and added Chris! Thanks!