Wednesday, November 21, 2007


For many of our readers, this is a travel day to visit family. For others, it's one of those clock watching days at work in anticipation of a 4 day holiday. In our baseball world, it's the last official day that players can sign their NLI in the early period and although most kids are prone to procrastination when it comes to taking out the garbage or cleaning their rooms, I doubt if even one player waited until today to sign their NLI. So, most of the signings are done and our list continues to grow. And, because it's the day before Thanksgiving, we'd like to say Thanks to all of the players, parents and the hundreds of coaches that have sent us e-mails proudly announcing the signings. We'd also like to give a big THANK YOU for making Rounding Third so popular in it's first few months. Every day, we break our own personal records on the number of hits and page views we receive. Also, thank you for all of the kind e-mails from our readers complimenting us on our content and resources we provide here at Rounding Third. Keep spreading the word. Our goal is to make a difference and it's readers like you that are helping us reach that goal. There's a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. We will start to preview the high school season region by region, track draftable players and also give you a heads up on what college freshman are doing on their new teams. As always, we will respond to e-mails and any topics that you may want to talk about.

And all of you readers out thankful for the incredible support group that is the baseball community. Unlike any other sport, the baseball families are a close knit, caring and supportive group of individuals. That's what inspired us to start Rounding Third. We wanted to give back, what was given to us for so many years.
So enjoy your holidays...we still will be posting through the break and adding to that NLI list...In fact tomorrow, we will give out our Turkey award and it's another rant that we will write from time to time...all for the betterment of baseball...of course:)

RT Staff

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