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Part 4 In the Travel ball series. Whenever someone comes out with a poll or ranking, they are going to get opinions and due to our Top 5 Travel Team Rankings, we joined the club and have received plenty of opinions, suggestions and critiques. But, unlike the pompous nature of a BCS, or media poll, we listen, recognize and even admit that we may have missed out on a team or two. Although we feel strongly about our choices and provided back-up and stats to state our case, we also received e-mails and opinions from some very reputable and noteworthy coaches and fans that we just can't ignore. After reading through the assortment of e-mails, we concluded that there are a plethora of great baseball teams and organizations out there and all of you coaches running those clubs should be very proud. So below, our readers (we've kept the names anonymous) give us their take on the rest of the great travel clubs in America as well as some comments on our site...
Dear RT,
Nice...surely need give serious thought/consideration to include:
*Scott Luke's Placentia Mustags (now, called/play as SoCal National Travel Team Orange County, CA
*Houston Banditos Baseball Club--Ray DeLeon, Houston, TX
*Ricky Diehl's Vipers Baseball Academy, Huntsville, AL
*Georgia Seminoles (or whatever they're now called!)--Rick Cosper, Peachtree, GA area
*Miramar Canes--Carlos Guzman, Miramar/Pembroke Pines, FL
THESE PROGRAMS ARE ALL SOLID...and, hugely successful in many ways.

Just my well-intentioned, non-presumptuous suggestion...keep up the initiative to recognize kids and WORTHY organizations that truly support kids' development in baseball and in life.

All the best...STAY BALANCED in all things!

Dear RT,
I do not agree with the exposure part because these guys are already known to everyone. Don't get me wrong they are good "organization" but recruit players when they are young and develop them then comes a true reward. As one former player said "The team is a just a rich man's toy and he quest to win." I guess if you have the resources the run with it. _______________________________________________________
Dear RT,
Here are the most consistent programs in the country in the categories of producing USA Baseball National Team Members, Division 1 Scholarships, and National Championships.

* Boys of Baseball-Steve Cosgrove...I estimate 2 dozen USA National Teamers, a dozen 1st round picks, 100 collegiate players.
* Nor Cal-Rob Bruno Dozens of college players
* ABD-Mike Spiers Dozens of college players
* So Cal NTT-Scott Luke...12 USA National Team Members and 70 college scholarship players
* East Cobb, GA
* San Diego Stars-Lyle Gabriel Now only 12 and Under
* Anderson Arsenal-Last 3 years have developed into a national force
* Utah Baseball Academy

Dear RT,
....You preach about development all over your website, but where do you think that all these kids started off their development? Where do you think that East Cobb, Norcal, Houston Heat, etc. get their players? The Banditos Baseball Club out of Houston, Texas has been around for 15 years now and established themselves as the BEST Travel Select organization in the country bar none. They have been highlighted on ESPN, FOX Sports and A&E is looking into doing a documentary on their success. Kyle Drabek, Troy Patton, Taylor Grote, Bradley Suttle and Drake Roberts just to name a few began their development under Mr. Deleon who heads up the Banditos Baseball Club.

Facts are facts, they have traveled all over the US and left their mark where ever they have gone. Geez, they have a team now that has won 137 games in a row in their age division. This is an incredible story to headline on your website. They have been feature on several news stations, which you can find on their website (

You talk about the development and I agree, but you have to go to the grassroots of it all and where these kids began. The Banditos are by far the #1 organization and should be on the top of your list. They feed all the big teams in the country and have now began a new 16U & 18U program, which will take off this spring/summer.
Dear RT,
This is a GREAT website! Tons of useful information all in one place - great job! I've forwarded it to a number of people interested in high school and travel baseball. I've given this information to (my son's) travel baseball coach so he can see the best tournaments to be in (even better than just giving him my opinion). We're almost at the end of our involvement in the training/coaching of my older son -he has a scholarship to (Major D-1) - and has attended many of the tournaments you mentioned on your website.... We've learned a lot from our experience and that will definitely benefit our younger son. Your website shares this same type of knowledge gained from experience, and is great for families going through this for the first time.

Thanks again - I really enjoy the website!

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The people to ask what the tops travel programs are the college recruiters and scouts. I do not think you can rate tops programs. There are far too many. As you can see from the posts people can get sensitive about the whole deal. I think this poll was meant for older