Monday, December 17, 2007

Bits and Bytes

What’s In A Word?
In lieu of the testimony handed down implicating Roger Clemens, the researchers and scientists that are responsible for the creation of the chemicals are now being referred to as Rocket Scientists and the drugs, Rocket Fuel.

National Coalition of Anti Academics (NCAA)
Trim the roster, play more games per week, shorten the season, hand out the fewest scholarships of all the sports at the university, discourage any chances of attending summer school, don't transfer, especially if it's in your best interest...and... we want you all to get better grades, graduate on time…and oh yeah, we just signed a big fat extension with ESPN, so smile when your mug is on TV.

Testing 1..2..3..
This is finals week for many high school students. No slacking guys! We’d like to think that all of the TV networks had that in mind when they switched to re-run mode last week. Fat chance they are that in-touch with reality…Nevertheless, take advantage of absolutely nothing worth watching on all 500 channels and STUDY! The better the grades, the better the chance of getting into the school you really want to attend.

R and R
After all of the fall and winter strength and conditioning most of you focused on this semester, enjoy the holidays with some good old fashion couch potatoing. You may want to throw in a push up or a crunch in there every once in a while, but overall, this is a good time to relax. It will make you fresh and ready to pick it up again once school starts up again.

New Year, New Start
While it’s the home stretch for 2008 grads, the New Year marks a new beginning to sophomores and juniors ready to crack their high school line-up. Set goals, have a plan and work hard to achieve them. Here’s a little advice. Be the first to work-outs, , the first dressed and the first on the field. Be the one that works the hardest and really try to stand out. It helps if you have the talent to back it up, but having the heart goes a long way too.

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