Thursday, December 20, 2007

Travel Teams Put Up Some Crooked Numbers

RT Staff Note: Some teams added more NLI signees since we first posted this article...So, we changed the post a bit.

Most of the Early Signing NLI's are in and it's no surprise who the winning states are. Our largest state, California has the most signess with 142, followed by Texas at 91 and Florida with 76. Just 28% of the states (warm weather states) had nearly 65% of the signees, although some frost belt states, New York, Missouri, Indiana and Pennsylvania had some significant numbers as well.

The travel team with the most NLI signees is the All American Prospects. They had an astounding 23 players sign NLI's. They also had 4 AFLAC All Americans. Second was the Richmond County Baseball Club in New York with 21 signees, followed by the ABD Bulldogs of Southern California with 18 NLI signings and 2 AFLAC All Americans, NORCAL in Northern California (Bay Area) with 17 players and the Houston Heat with 16. Other notables were San Gabriel Arsenal of Southern California with 14 NLI signings and 4 AFLAC All Americans. The powerhouse, East Cobb Baseball Club also had 4 AFLAC All Americans and some big numbers as did the Houston Banditos (They have the most impressive intro to any web site we have seen), Boys of Baseball, Midland Redskins, and the South Florida Bandits (no web site).

There are still some colleges that have not posted their NLI signings and that puzzles us a bit. Big Schools too...Oklahoma, Kansas are a few of the teams. We at Rounding Third are the anti-technophiles and we have never missed a blog posting since we started this in October. And we have real jobs to boot. It's curious that a coach wouldn't want to announce his roster, his signings and update his web site, especially if they did sign players. We don't care if there is snow on the campus grounds. This is an event in a players and his families life that means the world to them and it should be recognized by that school when it happens.

There are also some travel teams and high schools that haven't listed their players signing either. Many of these kids put a lot of blood sweat and tears into these programs and you'd think a little recognition would be in order. Hey guys, it's not that hard. We stink at technology and we have a pretty cool web site!!! Anyway, we estimate that there are still about 50-75 missing names out there, so if you know anyone that signed and is not on our list, e-mail us at If the school or travel team won't do it, then we will.

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