Friday, December 7, 2007

Rating Training Aids

JUGS Soft Toss Machine $199

There are so many baseball accessories, some good, some not so good. Many of you already have most of the stuff out there already. We looked at everything from hitting aids, fielding aids, pitching and throwing aids, most that have been around for decades. The Todd Helton I-ON Eye Trainer was an interesting concept, we just haven't found anybody that stocks it, so we couldn't test it. (It is Off- Season for many retailers.) But, for shear practicality, there's nothing that beats our lone entry into the accessories department.

We have always liked this automatic soft toss machine. And it's been around for a few years too. But we never grow tired of using it. Combined with a JUGS soft Toss net, your son can work on his swing for hours by himself. The soft toss comes with other accessories that can handle up to 30 balls too.

So, we have given you a few thought for your player. Next week, we will get back to recruiting basics and have some guest articles from prominent travel and tournament organizers. Happy Holidays!

RT Staff

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