Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Few, The Dedicated

A friend of ours attended a parent meeting the other night for his sons travel team. The coach handed out a detailed 60 game schedule that will be a combination of tournaments and competitive games against some of the top travel, JUCO, and local collegiate league teams. Uniforms were sized, hats fitted and sponsorship forms and letters handed out. And he apologized to all of the parents for taking so long to give them the details...The first game is June 8th, by the way…and he was sorry for being late?

It’s dedicated guys like this coach in Texas that are the model for travel teams. All across the country, coaches, organizers and guys that just love the game are putting together teams and tournaments for players to showcase their talents. Here’s a very short list of some of the tournaments and showcases that are already published that will take place this summer. We will put together a complete list by state, similar to our NLI list later next month. We will provide dates and links to all events. So...Coaches, Organizers, please e-mail us your tournament or showcase to roundingthirdstaff@gmail.com. Do not send us a tournament or showcase unless there is an updated, dedicated website for that showcase or tourney. We are providing just limited info now, but will post more details in a word doc in the right hand column in a few weeks.

Tournaments and Showcases

Southeastern Baseball Showcase in Georgia for High School Class of 2009 & 2010...June 22,2008

Pre Draft Baseball Showcase is being in Georgia for High School Class of 2008, JUCO players. 4 year college Class of 2008 & 2009...May 18,2008

WWBA In East Cobb

The 2008 Smoltz-Grissom Wood Bat Classic Tournament

2008 Best of the Midwest tournament in Peoria.

Florida Cup, USF Invitational, WBF Championships, AABC Mickey Mantle World Series Qualifier ,WBF Championships

8th Annual All Star Classic. BEST Louisiana Series (LSU, etc.) Southern Miss Shootout (USM and William & Carey)

Pennsylvania State Showcase June 19th in Bellefonte Pa.

Pastime Tournaments

Sunshine West Showcase

West Coast Top Prospect Showcase

Rawlings Norcal World Series

Remember, send us your showcase or tournament event with web site URL.

RT Staff

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