Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Give Us Your Resolutions

We are a little late with our post today. Holiday Air traffic delayed us quite a bit. I don't like airports this time of year. With all of those crowds, lines, traffic, people with their bags of presents they are bringing home from Grandma's house, and with airports these days mimicking the look of shopping malls, my wife said it reminded her of the shopping weekend after Thanksgiving. So, in the spirit of that Black Friday weekend, I found a Friday's in the airport, had a beer and watched a football game...This time however, my wife joined me.

My colleagues and I had a post ready for New Year resolutions all ready to go...but we decided that we would like to hear from our readers too! What would you like to see changed or improved upon in 2009 as it relates to your son's high school team, travel team, the state of showcases and camps, baseball in general, or even your son himself.

E-mail us at and we will compile all of those for our January 1 post.

RT Staff

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