Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Stocking Stuffers...Rating The Bats

The weather outside may be frightful, but if you want to see a players face look delightful on Christmas day, put one of these bats under the tree. You can't go wrong with these brands. All are used by some of the top colleges baseball programs in the country.

1. DeMarini Voodoo Black...$299

In terms of performance, feel, distance, graphics and price, the DeMarini Voodoo Black, provides value and that alone makes it stand above the rest. DeMarini says that a Pitch Black Handle for strength and optimum flex, plus their exclusive SC4 Alloy that is is 12% stronger makes it the scariest bat in the DeMarini line-up. An Ion End Cap and BESR Certification top off the features of Voodoo Black.

1. Demarini's CF-3 Black...$399 is nothing short of an amazing bat...It looks, feels and sounds powerful. Pitch Black Double Wall Composite barrel featuring two independent Pitch Black composite walls with the thinnest layer and tightest weave possible, Pitch Black Handle featuring an exclusive composite material and weave, creating the strongest handle with optimum flex, BESR certified

2. Louisville 2009 TPX Triton -3...$399.99

The new 3X all composite Triton baseball bat features a unique 3-piece design that allows the barrel and handle to be designed and built as individual units. The Bubble Transition Zone area brings everything together to function as a more advanced 1-piece bat. The BTZone optimizes the relationship between barrel and handle for a stiffer, stronger bat. BTZ functions as the bonding of barrel and handle to provide a longer barrel, bigger sweet spot and a stiffer stronger handle and transition.

3.Louville Slugger EXOGRID

Still a great bat and one of the most popular in 2008. The innovative Exogrid® delivers power and performance through stiffness and strength. The combination of one-piece construction and carbon composite inserts for handle stiffness has made this bat a choice of champions throughout the country.

4. Easton 2009 Synergy IMX -3 Adult Baseball Bat...$379

"Instinct" Massive high performance hitting area made possible by the patented IMX - Intergrated Matrix Technology - optimizing composite design, materials and process for maximum performance. Stiff handle for increased balance and bat control through the hitting zone.
- Massive Hitting Area
- Ultimate Balance and Control
- Solid Feel

5.Easton 2009 Stealth IMX -3 Adult Baseball Bat...$379

"Clutch" Massive high performance hitting area made possible by the patented IMX - Intergrated Matrix Technology - optimizing composite design, materials and process for maximum performance. Increased handle flex through the patented Opti-Flex composite handle.


1. XBat Pro Maple 73 Wood Baseball Bat $139

The best in the business and the choice for major leaguers. The most popular new style in the Big Leagues is X-Bat's maple bat Model 73. The very large knob serves as a counter weight making the bat feel very light and balanced. He will need a wood for summer ball and we think it's a good idea to use wood for batting and cage practice. This is the cream of the crop in wood bats!

DeMarini Pro Maple Composite Baseball Bat...$129

Player's wanting more mass to drive the ball is why the DX243 was designed. It's patented design combines a wood barrel with a composite handle making the handle more durable without sacrificing the sound and performance of premium wood. Ideal for use in advanced wood bat leagues and serious baseball training. BESR as well as Short A and Rookie League approved.

SamBat Hardwood Black Maple Wood Baseball Bat...$119

The bat that changed professional baseball forever! The choice of Barry Bonds and more than 100 top MLB players was developed by Sam Holman using his proprietary lathe technology. Chosen from only the top 5% of Prime Hard Maple, unlike other maple bats available, the ZERO pressure process maintains the strength Hard Maple has in its natural state, while traditional processes fatigue the wood. Thus, the Sam Bat harnesses the power waiting for YOU to release it!

Mizuno MZP51 Pro Maple Black Wood Baseball Bat...$124

Crafted for two of the games best players, Hideki Matsui and Ichiro Suzuki.

Mizuno Pro Maple Bats feature grade hard North American maple. Utilizing only the best materials for the Mizuno Pro level of quality. Hand selected and turned in Japan for the highest level of craftsmanship. Unique models designed by Isokazu Kubota, Mizuno's master craftsman.

There were other bats we really liked, but most colleges and pros opt for these models and that's good enough for us and...for the price and popularity, we think the choices we made were pretty fair...

RT Staff

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