Friday, December 19, 2008

Show Me

High School ball is approaching in a month or so and that often stirs up controversy between coaches and parents. We often hear complaints from parents that their son is being "shafted"(a 70's euphemism for what they really mean) by their high school coach and is not getting enough playing time. Of course, the player hears mom and dad complaining and it starts to reflect on his attitude towards the coach, his support for his team and eventually his production in practice. Before long, his game is mired in quicksand.

NOW...Unless the coach has sextuplets on the team and is showing gross nepotism, then we find it hard to believe that there are coaches out there that are that blind to talent if the player in question is really that good.

Somewhere along the line, the parents favorite son had a breakdown of sorts...Maybe it wasn't related to talent at all. Maybe it was attitude, lack of hustle, a listening issue or the failure to grasp the intricacies of the game.'s not always related to to whether or not you think he is good or not.

Baseball is a multi-dimensional game. It's not just about hitting and catching. It's about leadership, desire, enthusiasm, and above all the ability to UNDERSTAND and continue to be a student of the game... We have seen players with incredible amounts of talent that couldn't put it together for a string of consecutive innings. High School baseball players must play for seven innings not just one or two and maybe that's what the coaches see in those players in question. Maybe they see that players role as a pinch hitter or a role player. Whatever the case, it may be a good idea for the player to find out and then work on the missing pieces to his game, rather than mope and feel sorry for himself. Coaches don't want to see that in a player and WILL bench anyone that acts like that...for the betterment of the whole team. Poor attitude in any sport has to be nipped in the bud. It is then the job of the coaches to work it out with the player...and above all, it is the job of the player to WANT to work it out with himself.

The best way to play is to Play Hard...Play Smart...Play with Enthusiasm...Play to Win. Players must SHOW the coach that they are a player by example, not with words. Let the coach decide if a player is good enough by giving it his all in practice everyday and hopefully that will lead to game day success.

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Anonymous said...

The saying I love to refer to the most. " You actions speak so loud I can not hear what you are saying". Do tell me show me.