Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolution Revolution

Baseball players and parents are great. We didn't expect much response from thisyet we received 59 e-mails from our fans. Some were general, some were very specific and all involved improvement over the past year. Thanks to all that responded. Most were very similar, so we just printed just one of each type of response. We will just print the initials and state of each that responded per the request of many who e-mailed us. We will start with the players, then the parents.


1. I am going to work harder, smarter and improve my speed in 2010...A.K. in West Virginia

2. My resolution is to be the first at practice every day and the last to leave...J.M. in Florida

3. I am going to have a lead by example attitude towards my teammates and coach...K.J. in California

4. I want to be the leader of my team and lead by example by working harder and hustling...P.L. in California

5. It's my senior year and I want to remember my friends and coaches by working extra hard and making this the most fun baseball year ever...T.M. in Texas

6. I am going to break the schools all time hit career record this year...T.Y. Georgia

7. The batting title is a big deal in my league and this year it's mine...F.G in Georgia

8. My (high school)won league last year and is returning almost our whole team. Repeat, Repeat! P.I. in New Jersey

9. Pray that we don't have to play in any games in the snow. That really (insert word here) J.R. in New York


1. My husband is going to resolve to be less intense in the stands, or else!:) L.A. in California

2. My God it's already his senior year! We are going to have fun and never lose touch with the team parents. E.G. in Missouri

3. My husband and I have vowed to be positive with our son no matter what he does in a game, because it's only a game...L.L. in Alabama

4. No more standing behind the right field fence by myself. I am going to actually sit in the stands and get to know the parents this year...L.K. in Arizona

5. We are going to put more emphasis on grades. We like what you said about having good grades and we lose sight of that sometimes. They go to college for the education first, not just the sports...E.R & Y.R in Indiana

6. I replaced my "bucket" with a folding chair, so I am going to be a full time fan and let someone coach my son that knows more about the game than I do...R.C. in Arizona

7. We need to look into more showcases and and maybe get him on a good select type of team this summer...U.I. in Mass.

8. My son's team is supposed to be one of the top teams in the state this year so I am not going to miss one game this year...W.M. in Pennsylvania

9. Restoring my tastebuds by eating less seeds! I.T. in California

10. Take more video and pictures of my son because it's his senior year... My camera will permanently be in my purse this season.F.O. in Ohio

Happy New Year!!!
RT Staff

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