Monday, January 25, 2010

How It's Done

If NCAA Division I programs want to emulate a top program and make baseball a priority and profitable sport at their school, LSU is the program to mirror.

The athletic department just released the interior photo's of their recently added wall graphics and aesthetic touches inside the locker room, offices, players lounge, etc... Click This Link.

Also, they have begun to add an additional 3 sections of bleachers past the right field wall to mimic what they have in left field. This will bring the capacity of the stadium (before standing room tickets) to right at 10,500.

Yes, sports fans, you read that right. LSU has a total SEATING capacity of 10,500. They will pack in much more with standing room sales. That's a normal weekday night for the Tampa Bay Rays.

If college baseball wants to grow, increase the scholarship limits and become one of the Big Three revenue sports, then AD's need to travel down to LSU and sit down with Joe Alleva, the LSU AD to listen, learn and execute his incredible vision. He is the best.

Want to know how good he is? Under Alleva’s direction, all 20 LSU sports competed in NCAA post-season play for the first time in school history, and it culminated with the baseball team winning the national championship. In addition, six teams finished in the top 10 nationally. The Tigers hold claim to being the only school in the Southeastern Conference to participate in a bowl game and the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments during 2008-09. Furthermore, LSU student-athletes volunteered a total of 2,360 hours for community service projects.

Under Alleva’s guidance, LSU has one of the most lucrative apparel and shoe contracts with Nike while also having one of the nation’s most attractive multi-media rights contracts with CBS Collegiate Sports Properties. LSU athletic budget is now approaching $85 million, which allows the university to compete at the highest level in the nation.

Alleva has a long-term vision for continued improvements to LSU’s athletic facilities in order to ensure that the Tigers are among the best in the country well into the 21st Century. One of his top priorities is the enhancement of Tiger Stadium and making Tiger Stadium and the North Stadium Drive corridor a showplace for the university. Alleva’s innovative plan is to make a plaza area between the Maravich Assembly Center and Tiger Stadium that would recognize LSU’s national championship teams and distinguished alumni. This special area, along with Mike’s Habitat, and the LSU SportsShop, would become the focal point for visitors to campus.

LSU and many schools in the Big 12 and SEC have the If You Build It They Will Come mentality and it works!!! With the professional game becoming a bit pricey in these tough economic times, the college game is a great substitute. Joe Alleva understood that. Now, if only the rest of the conferences around the country...especially California, would understand that as well, the college game as we know it will explode.

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