Wednesday, January 27, 2010

College, Coach, Team, and Scholarship options?

RT Staff Note: The following is another segment from the San Gabriel Arsenal Recruiting Guide. Click on the link on the right hand column of this blog to view the entire guide.

What does the player need to know about the College, Coach, Team, and Scholarship

1) Does the college offer the academic program the player would ultimately hope to pursue? Are athletes given priority registration?

2) Where is the college/university located? Will the locale be good for the player in terms of weather and distance from family/friends?

3) What is the general campus like? Social aspect of school?

4) What is the expected enrollment of undergraduates and graduates? What are the class sizes?

5) What are the schools strongest degree programs offered, which are the best academic departments?

6) What are the student housing options? Do most students live on-campus or off? What transportation is available?

7) Do the members of the baseball team room together? Live in special dorm facilities?

8) What are the majors of most of the baseball team members?

9) What is the academic calendar? Quarter / Semester / Trimesters ?

10) Is tutoring offered to student-athletes? Is there a fee?

Baseball Coach and Team:

1. In what division and conference does the team play?

2. What was the team’s record in the past? What are the coach’s goals for the team?

3. What style of play is desired for the team? Is the player comfortable with the coach’s style?

4. How many players will be on the roster and how many will travel with the team? How
many trips are planned for the coming season?

5. What are the pre-season and post-season schedules?

6. How often is practice during the season, and post-season?

7. Where do most of the players play during the Summer? Are there expectations of playing in collegiate Summer Leagues?

8. How will the team composition change with seniors leaving and redshirt players
returning? What known transfers are coming in?

9. What is the normal composition of the team? Developed from Freshman year to Senior
year or high level of Junior College transfers each year?

10. What position is the player being recruited for and how many others are already playing there or are being recruited?

11. Where am I in terms of your recruits? (Really listen carefully to how this is answered, let silence work for you and don’t be too quick to move on to another question)

12. Have you seen me play? Which of my coaches have you talked to? What other scouts
/ individuals have you spoken to about me?

13. What are the next steps ?

Scholarship Concerns:

1) If not offered a scholarship, is the player a candidate for admission as a Walk-On player?

2) If offered a scholarship, what expenses are covered, what is the duration and how can it be terminated?

3) If offered a scholarship and the player is injured and can’t play, will the scholarship be lost?

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Anonymous said...

Coach Giles did a good job on that recruiting guide. Though I used to live near San Gabriel we are actually San Gabriel Valley Arsenal. Itcovers a big area. Most just call us SGV Arsenal