Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best of The Best

I have been to two Super Bowls, Two Final Fours, Three BCS Bowls, 3 different World Series emcompassing 14 games, and four College World Series. Guess which one I think is by far the most exciting championship game...Of course...the CWS.

Don't get me wrong, The two Super Bowls were a blast, the World Series always a treat, but the BCS and Final Fours were way too was the Super Bowl a bit...but the CWS is pure amateur competition...without the overbearing sponsorships and accompanying media hype...although, I wish there were way more media coverage without the hype. The major Northern California papers in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland barely mentioned the series at all.

And, it shouldn't be that way. Did you know that the CWS outdraws the Final Four 6-1 and has more total attendance that the top four BCS bowls combined. Nearly 300,000 fans stormed the gates during the week long contests and that's the kind of crowds that you'd think would raise the eyebrows of media moguls.

Oh well, maybe next year when the CWS moves to one of those corporate sponsored, squeaky clean parks, the corporate crazy media will finally take notice..TD Ameritade is a sponsor...the networks would love to have their ad dollars too.

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