Thursday, July 8, 2010

If You Play It Safe, You May Be Out

These are tough economic times no doubt. Families all over the country are watching their expenses and scrimping on the very things we used to take for granted.

One of the budget cuts in many families are the cost of going to showcases and playing on elite College Development Programs. Many families have to make sacrifices. But be careful. Don't play it too safe or your son may be looked over. I know several families that have cut out showcases altogether and are relying on their son's success in high school, a local rec team and the local Junior College as a steppingstone to the next level. That could work out if the proper steps are taken to continue to expose the player to 4 year college coaches.

If your son goes to a JC, then make sure you make the targeted 4 year coaches know that. Send them updates, videos and encourage your son to talk to his JC coach and tell him what 4 year colleges he is interested in. Many JC coaches are great at placing kids in 4 year colleges...some aren't. Make sure your son is at a JC that has a track record of success.

But never assume that they 4 year coaches will just come to your son. Unless he is the second coming of Bryce Harper, that won't happen...That said...the Las Vegas JC Bryce played for was inundated with player requests to play there. That's proved to be a great strategy for the many high school players that got drafted in this latest 2010 draft. There were dozens of scouts practically camping at the stadium gate waiting for Harper to take the field.

Bottom line...stay aggressive. E-mails, letters, and DVD's don't cost money. Keep your target coaches informed. You don't have to outspend to get your shot...just outsmart them.

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