Friday, September 24, 2010

Deadly Misconceptions About Baseball Hitting Drills

RT Staff Note: I usually don't promote particular commercial interests on this blog, but I do like what these guys have to say about hitting technique. It's called the Super 8 hitting System Click on this link to learn more. Here's an article from their blog....

This is one of many baseball hitting drills coaches teach —“Get the bat off your shoulder!”

It is a common phrase used by fans, coaches, parents, and players.

The question is “Why is that so bad?”

Here is what happens when a player moves his bat away from his body in his hitting stance. As the batter does this, consequently separating the batter’s hands from his body. A hitter’s hands will more often than not be out over home plate right at contact. This will produce an arm swing with no balance in your body.

So why is that a problem? Let’s look at it this way. If you were to are wrestle someone, would you want your hands away from your frame? Or would you want your hands close to the body for support?

If you had to throw the best punch you could, would you hold your hands away from the body? No, you shouldn’t. You would want to have them by your shoulder to increase power.

If you had to push an automobile, would you want your hands at your side, or would you want them in front of you? Your body increases power to the hands. And so naturally, keep your hands in front of you.

Now, stand up like you’re at home plate with your bat out over the plate like it is in contact with the ball. What’s behind your grip? Nothing! What MLB players.

You might say…”I’ve seen major leaguers start with their hands away from their bodies. This has a tendency to be good.”

And the answer to that is –“Major leaguers make an adjustment. Prior to making contact with the ball, they quickly bring their hands back to the shoulder area. You have to watch it in slow-mo to catch it. But research shows that is exactly what they do.

Therefore, let us be clear. You’ll be in a better hitting position when you keep your grip close to your shoulder. Keep your hands near your shoulder as you release your hips to take you to the ball. You will make contact in the proper zone, not over home plate.

So if you want to learn how to hit a baseball, remember this rule: The only time separation of the hands from the body occurs is when they move forward to hit the ball.

These techniques are fully explained in the “Super 8 Hitting System”, completely demonstrated in a series of baseball hitting videos, which includes many baseball hitting drills.


Get the bat off the shoulder in the hitting stance? No.

Make contact over the plate? No.

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