Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You can be one of the 10%

I was listening to a radio talk show program the other day on the economy and they were talking about how a overwhelming majority of the World's wealth lies in the hands of about 10% of the worlds population. And, even if all of the World's wealth were to be distributed evenly amongst each and every one of us on earth...within a few years, that money would end up in the hands of nearly the same 10% of the worlds population.

They stated that there have been actual studies to prove that this is beyond just a theory. Success breads success and magnetically attracts even more success. If you don't have a successful and positively driven attitude, you won't have positive outcomes.

Suddenly acquiring money doesn't ensure future success and prosperity either...It has to earned...programmed and a belief system in place to make it work. You need to have that positively driven mindset to hang on and grow your wealth. Look at many lottery winners. Most come from poor, downtrodden backgrounds, mired in negativity and despair. And nearly all of those winners lose that money in a very short period of time. They didn't have the winning formula, the positive and magnetic flow of energy needed to be successful.

Those 10% that have all of the wealth, love money...love wealth and love to love their lifestyle. They have a passion, a desire and love to compete for the opportunity to make more money. Love attracts more love. Those lottery winners were full of despair, hatred for those who had money, and were dissatisfied with just about everything in their lives. When the money came, the hatred and dissatisfaction were still present and they tried to buy their way into a better life...But as the Beatles once sang..."Money Can't Buy You Love". They didn't embrace the money, they spent it...all of it.

The same could be said for baseball athletes. If you look up and down the stats for baseball, 10% of the players have a majority of the talent, money and fame along with truly remarkable, HOF worthy stats. Those 10% have a passion, a desire and love for the game. They live to work and work to live a great and successful life as a baseball player.

Yogi Berra had it right when he infamously stated that "Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical." Success is a mental state. Hall Of Fame type of players have the mental capacity to focus, and think a pitch or two ahead of everyone else. They play scenarios in their mind and visualize their success and the positive outcomes over and over in their sleep, and in their off-peak hours.

They don't think about striking out or errors. They think about hits, RBI's and Web Gem plays. They embrace the positive aspects of the game and don't give one nano-second of thought about anything negative.

The 90% of the other players think way too much about the 70-75% of the at bats they didn't succeed, rather than the 30% they did. Over time, they begin to embrace their failure and as a result more failure soon follows. The 70% failure rate becomes 80% and soon they are out of the game.

The 10% of successful players only think about the 30% success rate and how awesome it is to be in the company of the all-time greats of the game. Over time, those numbers become 31 or 32% and confidence swells. They relish in a 1% gain as if that was a gift from the heavens. In the field, they want the ball hit to them on every play.

Those 10% prepare physically and mentally 8-10 hours a day for their fame. They do it out a intense desire and love for the game. It is what separates the great players from the role players. Be one of the 10%...Love the game...respect the game and you will be at least on the right path to success.

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