Thursday, September 30, 2010

What were they thinking?

When a school cuts a sports program like gymnastics and rugby, there will be a few cries and protests from those sports faithful following those sports...But when you cut a BIG 3 sport like baseball...America's past time, from a program...a program that has been at a school for 120 years...there will be a national outrage...And tehre has been from baseball broadcasters on ESPN to national dailies like the NY Times or USA Today.

What was Sandy Barbour and her band of cut throats thinking? Gymnastics...I get it...Don't like it...but I get it. Rugby was a cult sport at Cal with 25 National Chamionships and gets to stay as a club team....I get that...But baseball? Are you kidding me?

What gets me is the hubris of stating that there's no chance of saving don't try. Many MLB alumni and present players and parents of players have come forth and have offered to donate millions to save the program...Nope!...Not Interested...says the Athletic Department. What?'s time to protest. This is a major PAC 10 school in a baseball rich state. How would fans in North Carolina or Tennessee feel if UNC or Vanderbilt dropping their baseball program? You'd be mad right? Wouldn't make sense right? So write Sandy Barbour. Tell her that we forgive her temporary insanity and to please undo her mistake....or something like that.

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