Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why It Is Wise To Use Wood

The NCAA just enacted new rules that states that NCAA bats must now be approved by BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) Protocol)and not BESR to make the bats more like wood bats. If I was a high school college prospect, I'd be swinging wood in practices and in fall leagues right now. Folks, he feedback I have heard on message boards in 3 different conferences was that wood outperforms these BBCOR bats.

That means no more 150lbs second baseman hitting opposite field HR's...which is a good thing...but it also means a closer scrutiny on how well a hitters mechanics are. You can call it the beginning of the College "Dead Bat" era, but the days of the .430 averages and record setting hitting streaks may be over. It will be interesting to see if the high schools follow suit.

Personally, I'd like to see wood or wood composites take over. That the way the game was intended to be played anyway. But, the point of this article is if you are a high school prospect using a minus 3 rocket launcher from DeMarini...stop using it and switch to wood...You will be a much better prospect to a college of you can show that you can hit for average with wood.

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Don said...

I consider my son blessed that he is part of the baystate conference in eastern massachusetts. I.E. they use wood. You still see power hitters but none of the crazy distortion of metal. Great point with the article! Go Wood. Best tournament I have ever attended was a wood Perfect game in East Cobb GA. Nothing like it.

Anonymous said...

Wood bats are the way the game was intended to be played?

Baseball was meant to have balls hit as often and as far as pro's hit. And to do that, kids at many some levels need metal.

But, yes wood is good if: the batters can hit as well as pro's, and it is uniformly enforced so none can get hits off the handle and confuse comparative stas like Batting Average. Plus, paid umps and paid managers like it because the game ends sooner

wj said...

Wood is good however, what seems to get lost is that kids play way way more games now than they did back when wood was used. Before all the lawmakers make laws lets first see how the new metal bats work out. My son played 36 games this summer in a wood bat league and went through about a bat for every 4 games or 9 bats at a cost of $70 per bat. Thats $630 folks.

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